Before I go on let me say that the very name BICEP-2 gets an automatic lifetime "like" from me... Lol!


With all the back and forth heated debates going on about Creationism versus Evolution there seems to be a recent snag on the whole Big Bang Theory as scientists have to recalculate a few missteps on their proof!

There are many of us here that have a different worldview on science and faith and often this leads to attacks aimed at each opposing side to one up the other!

The recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham placed this reality front and center before the world to choose sides either before science assumes command of the world or one of the many religions gets proven by a huge act of God and keeps on strutting!

The difference between observable science and science that cannot possible be seen before your very eyes in realtime continues...

As a "Black Militant Creationist" (Just putting that out there Lol) I'm still searching for confirmation of any civilization that existed approximately 7,000 years ago with a fully functionally calendar proving that they did their thang before Noah built that ark that can't be refuted by simple Indiana Jones archeological findings!

Although many religions are guilty of doing this on oh so many levels there are many scientists that not only move the goalposts but teleport them frequently to suit their own findings... Western scientists in particular are on a whole other agenda! Lol

It seems like millions and billions of years are thrown around until something sticks and certain scientists huddle around each other and try to fit their varied facts into one cohesive theory even if they are missing too many pieces to the puzzle!

So whether it be a black Jesus or a white Jesus or an ape man that walked out of the ocean on to dry land leaving his flippers at the beach umpteen billion years ago to evolve into an upright pimped out platinum wearing baller what do you believe in?

Should certain scientific discoveries be counted as science fiction if they can't prove it outright?

Is Darwin still relevant or should their be "Independent" scientists not associated with either religion or even anti-religion views teaching what they know for absolute fact?

Isn't it weird that scientists as well as creationists avoids the concept of "The Black Man" being the very first man as we wait for a white couple to have a black baby while black couples have black, white and very very light skinned' babies looking like all types of races?

That evolutionary chart needs some updating... Use the black and brown crayons next time!

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