It's now official... Black folks have no more excuses not to work out! Lol

A machine that I as a certified personal trainer have been recommending for years to lazy couch potatoes that train at home was originally designed by a black man!

T. Dosho Shifferaw an Ethiopian engineering student...

The Bowflex is used by athletes as well as physical therapists for post rehab work making it something for everybody else in-between!

What is cool about it is that the power rods create extra tension when they are bent making it function as if you are "working a muscle against a muscle" as stated in the early infomercials for it!

One of the original endorses of Bowflex "trainer to the trainers" Tom Purvis then of NASM was my original certifier when I first became a personal trainer!

The Bowflex has been reviewed and tested by the best in the industry with mostly favorable reviews and one clear sign of great consistency is that it has lasted so long even as other fitness apparatuses fell off year after year!

If you can place your machine on a convention floor among professional bodybuilders and certified personal trainers and hold your own then chances are you are the real deal...

Other than the Chuck Norris endorsed Total Gym there are not too many fitness gimmicks/fads that I endorse personally but if it gets you off the sofa if only just to pay four easy payments of $49.95 then I usually let headstrong people learn the hard way! Lol

The Bowflex can be pricey if bought new and has many types to choose from and if money is an issue there is always Craigslist or wanted ads that you can get a second hand one from and usually the used ones are not too damaged unless the previous owner hit them repeatedly with sledgehammers! Lol

The advantage Bowflex has over steel and iron is that it can be folded up and hidden in a closet while the larger metal contraptions often need a whole room reserved for the space that they need and are pretty much stuck where they are set if you feel the need to remodel!

You can also roll the Bowflex over to the TV or roll it outside near a pool if you want to cross train for your next Ironman competition!

Note: Remember that it is the TV that probably got you out of shape in the first place so don't use these infomercial things as an excuse to stay lazy around the house and not get out and lead an active lifestyle to help burn calories!

The million dollar question... Can you get into tip top shape with a Bowflex?

The answer is yes if you raise the intensity of the exercises and set sport specific goals but if you work out alone you have to be able to challenge yourself to reach that potential instead or reaching for the donuts between sets!

As a personal trainer my job is to help you make that happen but without holding your hand and papering you... You need to get after it yourself until the job is done and then set brand new goals after those are met!

One last note... You will notice how the Bowflex infomercials show off a bunch of white folks with very little black folks using them and little or no reference to the original creator of the machine... OUCH!!!

For reading this thread you now owe me 50 push ups and 100 ab crunches... Not sit ups because those are bad for your back!

Don't just sit there get face down and get to work you lazy Black Sci-fi maggots you... MOVE IT!!!

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