The Brown Hornet The Brown Hornet was a show-within-a-show (or more accurately, a cartoon-within-a-cartoon) on the Filmation animated series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids from 1979 to approximately 1984. The Brown Hornet was a show that Fat Albert's gang watched on a barely-working television in their clubhouse. The Brown Hornet was a bumbling superhero who always seemed to thwart the evil-doers and teach viewers a valuable lesson in the process. In each opening, The Brown Hornet and his sidekicks Stinger and Tweeterbell the Robot were facing certain doom until the Brown Hornet used his superpowers to save them all. But at the end, the group faced a new threat. In one episode of "Fat Albert", Weird Harold is seen playing a Brown Hornet video game at a video arcade.

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