According to more information I found from an old  article from Pet Milk, about one liter of raw milk willget you between 138 and 169 mg of  choline. This means that three liters a day, a little more than agallon, would get the raw milk drinker about 500 mg o f choline. This is near the modern recommended550 mg for a  grown man. People were much smaller on average back then and with no modernpollution or stress, this probably would have been more than enough. A cow can give 8-10 gallons a day,but I would lay odds that the ancients bred cows t hat produced much more choline for much lessvolume of milk. This is just a guess, but I would not put it past them.  We do know that cows were sacredand their reverence corresponded with the rise of civilization, that people drank the milk and that cowswere symbols for spiritual
upliftment. For a long time this cow reverence has been a puzzling thing. Het Heru (Hathor) and Auset (Isis) areshown wearing cow horns or being depicted as cows along with random cow  depictions of obviousimportance. Well Het Heru governs creativity and  Auset governs trance, both universally recognized asthe foundation of spiritual upliftment and both  subject to manipulation by choline intake.  In NabtaPlaya, the monumental south Egyptian star aligned complex, they found a huge, multi-ton stone carvedcow and interred bovine bones.
Napta Playa’s layout proves the southern and  African origin of Ancient
Egypt and
tells us this cow reverence goes back at least 10,000 years. See the book “Black  Genesis” b
yBauval for detailed info.Napta Playa Stone Cow
This predynastic (from 17,000 B.C.!) wet Saharan Napta Playa related culture as they depictedthemselves.Right at about this point I can hear  folk crying: What
about lactose intolerance?  Aren’t African people
lactose intolerant? Well Africans are consuming milk in many places on the continent now and obviouslyalways have.  It is the modern pasteurization process that kills enzymes and lactase producing bacterianeeded for our bodies to break down and assimilate milk sugar lactose. This is the origin of lactoseintolerance.  So you see: Cow domestication led to steady access to choline. This opened up the path tobetter health and openness to spiritual revelations, which led to the creation of true civilization.  Thereare much better ways of getting choline now through supplements I will point you to below, but first aword on my own struggles with choline deficiency.I have recently made a geographical and lifestyle move. To New York from Chicago and from a primarilymeat based diet to  a primarily vegetable based diet. While the change  in geography has done wondersfor my career,  during this transition I experienced inexplicable health problems around my tendons  andother connective tissue as well as cognitive troubles that affected my ability to concentrate and focus. Itried acupuncture, which helped greatly, but  only temporarily. I tried  Chinese herbs which helped evenmore, but did not give me the permanent relief I needed. Then I heard about choline, tried it and amnow cured.  The effects started happening literally overnight.
Upon doing lots of research, I found that my move to  vegetarianism was not good for me overall,because I was getting my daily requirement s of choline from eggs and some meats. I have since foundout that I am naturally endowed with an over-abundance of ACH producing capacity provided that Iconsume the appropriate amount of choline. When I stopped eating eggs the ACH started to leach fromcertain body parts and portions of my brain to feed my work.  I was on the highway to mental illness andphysical breakdown and without the knowledge of  choline would have no doubt been ruined due to  theintensity of my creative output. I give myself only a few years before I would have been taken outmentally or by death.  When I looked around I began to see patterns among other creative people andthe death of my fellow writer and friend L.A. Banks was the clincher for me t o come forward.Now I am enjoying mental and physical health at levels I experienced in my twenties (I am in my 4 0s), aswell as profound spiritual gifts of peace, spiritual revelation and outstanding creative output.  Due to myown personal struggle and the research and practices I have done I have confirmed that  health,emotions and spiritual evolution are under our control, given the proper information.  I have given just aglimpse of this process with this essay and invite all who are curious to learn more to r ead the MetuNeter b
ook series by Ra Un Nefer Amen starting with book 5, “Keys To  Health and Longevity.”
 Other creative folk take note: You are our vanguard in expressing and creating the art necessary for ourupliftment and mental self-defense. Unfortunately this means you call upon the ACH  in your systems ata much higher rate than the norm. Take it from me: without  choline supplements you will suffer andeventually self-destruct.  Get some sun in the summer to boost your vitamin d, take vitamin dsupplements in the winter (about 10,000  mgs daily) and above all  get choline supplements year round.You will need the daily recommended supply of 550 mgs at least. I recommend 1/3 more to doublingthat in times of  intense creativity. And learning meditational techniques will augment this greatly,
causing your success rate in all of life’s endeavors to skyrocket.
 Before I sign off on for now, I  wish to give a personal, heartfelt message to people in the Africancentered consciousness movement. For years I have noticed a lot of ill health and downright mentalweirdness among us in this community of people. A primary reason is that vegetarian and vegan people,which make up a large part of the  leadership of this community,
don’t get enough choline.  In fact they
get the least amount of all people and suffer greatly.  These are usually community organizers, artistsand activists who stand at the forefront of the movement for the upliftment of African people. They areat every rally, every protest, speaking out when no one else will. Stress is a daily, hourly and minute byminute consequence of their lifestyle and they feed upon  it. Some think this  stress, expressed as aperpetual state of emotional outrage against injustice, is the appropriate mentality for the struggle. Butyou are doing nothing  but hurting yourselves and crippling our c ollective efforts. Please get somecholine and learn some real meditational techniques. You will find your  health improves greatly and thatinnovative problem solving will re-emerge. You will also find  that fighting evil from  a position of peace,like Heru with his spiritual eye restored, will win the day.  Below is a link to order the choline I am taking.
If you don’t get it here please get it some
where. And spread the word by sharing this article.  Now!!!

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