See what had happened was...

Famed songstress divas Little Orphan Annie and Wizard of Oz Kansas refugee Dorothy Gale recently came to blows over a drama involving members of both of their crews!

BSFS dot com reporters caught up with the feuding females as they spilled the beans in separate interviews...

BSFS: "Dorothy tell us in your own words what went down between you two legendary singers."

Dorothy: "See, I was chilling at da club with my mans and them..."

BSFS: "Who are?"

Dorothy: "My man Scarecrow, my peoples Tinman holding it down and the Lion keeping it the realest and whatnot!"

BSFS: "So how exactly did the beef start?"

Dorothy: "I had just bought the whole bar out when redheaded Miss Thang and her crew of Rugrats came up in da club fronting like they all that. So trying to keep things peaceful I sent a bottle of champagne to their table and the chick threw it at my dog Toto... So I was like WTF she claiming to be a role model on some rags to riches tip and I called her bluff!"

BSFS: "Then what happened?"

Dorothy: "Me and my Munchkins roll deep because that's my fam right there so she and her abandoned kids got rolled up real nice... I stomped that chick with my my ruby red iced out slippers with the platinum trim!"

BSFS: "Did you..."

Dorothy: "Hold up son... She thought because I grew up on a farm that Kansas was not about dat life... I got flying monkeys ready to ride or die for me from over the rainbow chick what!"

BSFS: "So Annie what really happened between you and Dorothy?"

Annie: "Me and my dude Punjab was at da club throwing up Daddy Warbucks ones like it aint no thing and my peeps from the orphanage was with me and she sent a bottle of cheap alcohol over to our table so I sent it back because I don't mess with that less expensive stuff it gives me gas... If I drink Remy gimme Remy not that other stuff ask somebody if you don't know!"

BSFS: "So you did not throw the bottle as reported?"

Annie: "Man lookahere... I sent Punjab over to their table with the bottle to tell her what's up and her people were all scared of him because dude kind of big right. The Scarecrow started stuttering like a beyotch, the Tinman froze up talking bout' he left his oil can at home and the Lion straight jumped out the window literally... Man dem cats is suspect over there!"

BSFS: "So how did it escalate from there?"

Annie: "She started loud talking me across the club and the next thing you know some winged monkeys flew in through the roof and gathered around her and these little people started coming up out of the woodworks from no where!"

BSFS: "You mean the Munchkins?"

Annie: "I don't know who they was... Anyway, she started bragging about her new shoes and ish and I'm like Daddy Warbucks just dropped us off in a deluxe stretch Bentley floating on mad rims and this girl still living in a wrecked farmhouse from a tornado incident years ago I aint feeling that step yo hustle game up. Get yo dollars stacked girlfriend and fix your house up and yo hair I mean how is chick supposed to get a real man with old school pigtails!"

BSFS: "Go on..."

Annie: "By then my homies from the orphanage went over to back Punjab up... See we from the streets we don't play all that farmhouse ish and we don't need no make believe army to back us up either! Her dog tried to bite Punjab and he bust it over the head with the bottle and we shut the club down from there!"

BSFS: "Dorothy claims that she stomped you with her ruby slippers any truth to that?"

Annie: "I keeps it gutter I took her shoes right off her feet and have them right here and they fake... I had them appraised at a pawn shop and tried to sell them on Ebay no takers btw but she can buy them back from me if she act right!"

(Holds up gleaming red slippers like a trophy)

BSFS: "Any chance of you two squashing the beef?"

Annie: "I aint really beefing with nobody I do me she need to do her because the sun will come out tomorrow knowwhatI'msayin'!"

BSFS: "Thank you both for your time!"

As of this writing the two combatants are rumored to be making peace by collaborating on a joint single to be released soon...

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