By now most of us have heard about or seen the current situation going on in Baltimore!

If I need to post links you need to get out more...

As Black Sci-fi producers and fans we often take a reserved and more intellectual approach to most crisis situations concerning the black community!

Sure we can place blame on the police, the rioters and perhaps President Obama for not being as aggressive about this as foreign policy, the economy or whatever politics of the week is on the menu but then again...

One of the things that seems to elude us as a people is control of "Our Image and Likeness" in relation to media coverage or really what most people outside of the black experience think of us as seen through their own eyes!

This is the part where I preach just a little bit so buckle up...

One of the first things God gave Man before even breathing into him was an image and likeness which means that appearance can sometimes be more important than the air we breathe or the actions we take after the fact!

What you look like is far more important to an outsider than what you want them to think you should look like!

(Homework: 1 Thessalonians 5:22)

This is not the first black man to die by the hands of the police and by the looks of things it most likely will not be the last but somehow lost in the translation of all this is our appearance before the world's eyes!

Like Palestinians throwing rocks at Isreali tanks it seems like a subtle civil war is brewing in which one side will constantly be behind the other going forward no matter how much anger is fueled!

Do we as black people have decades worth of time for futile practices that never lead to great outcomes for our people?

As much as this hurts to the core one must always be practical about any war be it spiritual or physical as far as winning goes!

You could fight City Hall or you could become it!

Sometimes you have to reboot yourself back to the very beginning to figure the better path or course of action to take from that point on!

Many emotions circulate through your veins like anger and fear which can cause anxiety but for many this is actually a time of great opportunity!

For years some of us have spoken about playing the black super hero or the black knight in shining armor or that one black person that rises above his situation and saves the day with their mind... Well that day is now!

The black community badly needs it's faith rewarded and we are the answer to that prayer!

Martin is gone... Malcolm is gone... Mandela is gone... But we are still here!

Last week after years in the making quietly I published Flex Hectic on the Apple iBooks store where only a few people close to me knew about it!

It's only the intro review for now and I will release various chapters periodically as we move along but now Jarvis can get off my back about it! Lol

At some point we all have to make moves that attempt to change the hijacked narrative of black people so that we do not continue to follow the same paths towards failure!

Insanity is defined by many as doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result each time!

We can't do this anymore we need to become something that God originally intended for us to be all along and bypass that which should be beneath us by now!

Our Image and Likeness is not slaves, looters, gangstas, thugs, lazy, foolish or whatever others define us to be and nor is it that even if many of us have adopted those types of negative depictions!

We are Black Super Heroes and it's time for us to start doing things that qualify as heroic no matter what happens in the rest of the world!

Let every man that speaks badly about black folks be liars for we know who we truly are!

Stay Focused!


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