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I wish it is someway I could be able to pick up the Genesis Radio via my trusty, ole stereo as well as other ways a person could nowadays transmit to hear a radio. There have been interesting guests appearing on the Genesis Radio, and I would love to hear some commentaries on what has been happening with our new President; Donald Trump. After the election it manifests as if the new prez has a good handle on the pen by signing several bills into effect even though he has not been in office a good, hot month--or so. Despite the facts of how Donald Trump is blasting in the executive office, we as black folks in America must now get ready to prepare for an election in 2020. It does seems as if 2020 is a long, long ways away, however the year will be upon us again to re-elect a new leader, also if any of us are paying attention to the news about the real estate mogul now turned executive leader of America; let's keep in mind to vote again to rectify, and if redo some bills the new president had tried to abolish since Donald Trump was elected, and maybe undo all of the hard work President Barack Obama had started for ALL Americans despite the madness happening all because of immigration, and one particular leader, who has became afraid, only an opinion on my point; do not take this seriously; this country known as America may face another September 11.

Peace all of you, and I truly L-U-V the black science fiction society webpage! Keep up the good work Mr. Jarvis Sheffield, and staff.

Miss Regina Owens

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