The Last Resort Rocks the Resort

Last Resort, a new TV series about a U.S. nuclear sub that goes rogue is a very entertaining and suspenseful show. Andre Braugher brings a considerable hard core presence to his role as a submarine commander who refuses to lob a nuclear missile at Pakistan for reasons of improper clearance from Washington. The mystery is, who in Washington ordered the launch? To make matters worse, someone decided a simple court martial for disobeying orders was not going to suffice. A missile launched from a surface vessel nearly destroys the sub. It turns out the launch source was an American warship. There's a conspiracy to start WWIII. Until the crew of the besieged sub can figure out who in Washington has it in for them as well as for several million Pakistanis, they must first secure control of an obscure little island and its NATO listening post. The baddies they confront on the island are as unpleasant as the villains behind the curtain in Washington. To compound an already frakked up situation, some members of the sub, opposed to the captain's actions, aren't particularly trustworthy. It'll be fun watching how our courageous submarine captain navigates his intrepid crew through the brambles of treachery, intrigue, and pure, homicidal malice!! 

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