The Mackenzie Files

The Mackenzie Files, a novel written by fellow BSFS member, Barry K. Nelson is a science fiction, space opera adventure in the classic sense.  Replete with malevolent aliens, vivid space battles, an assortment of worlds, spaceships, cloning, robots, and the most exotic genetic engineering I've come across in fiction.  You name the science fiction convention and Barry has incorporated it into a tale spiced with action, suspense, and wonder.


 The human United Protectorate is embroiled in a losing war against the alien Brelac.  There is treachery afoot in this story as a third element called the Vendetta, disaffected humans opposed to the UP, join with the Brelac to bring down the Protectorate.  It falls upon three United Protectorate soldiers, led by Colin Mackenzie, to foil the plans of an evil human scientist allied with the Brelac. The problem is, and I'll paraphrase a quote by a certain NFL coach, Colin MacKenzie and his companions, "are not who they think they are."


The MacKenzie Files is good old fashioned fun.  The characters are well developed and there are twists and turns in the book that come at you like a bolt out of the blue.  Check it out, everyone!

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