A while back, I thought about how powerful the Incredible Hulk was and how he was such an unstoppable force. He is near indestructible, an abyss of unlimited strength, and an all around powerhouse. Who would be the mental/psychic equivalent of the Hulk?At first I thought it might be Professor Xavier with his colossal ability to control minds, but he has no telekinesis, and a psychic juggernaut would have all of that. So that leads me right into the Phoenix inside of Jean Grey. She has everything, telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, and teleportation.After considering all characters I know of in Milestone, DC, Marvel, and others she comes the closes to having everything to fit the title. Actually the Dark Phoenix would be more exact with her uncontrollable desires and thirst for feeling human emotions and chaos. I need to find a nice girl like that. So, what do the rest of you think about what character fits this title?

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