Log Line: near-future drama featuring Black scientists attempting to level the social playing field through secret distribution of advanced human-enhancement technologies.


Synopsis: The year is 2097 and advances in biotechnology and related fields have transformed the physical and life sciences. The result is critical new biology-related fields making it possible to genetically "engineer" a faster, stronger, smarter human being -- The Next Iteration of Human. Through government and corporate collusion, these enhancement technologies are only available in select elite circles. Exceptional is the new standard by which all social benefits are now distributed. Dr. David Clark Is a former DARPA researcher and professor of genomics, that has since gone into business ostensibly manufacturing one of the many over-the-counter fixes available to some in this near-future world, but secretly engaged in his own campaign to empower a whole generation of Black and Brown people being left behind, with advanced genetic enhancements that the Corporatocracy wants to control.

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