I am a ART HOUSE movie goer and I understand the way, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE was written, directed and produced. I went in to this film expecting some H.R PUFFIN STUFF fun, that is what this movie needed. If you take some HR. PUFFIN STUFF at the start of the party the world is colorful, great and alive. when the PUFFIN STUFF wears off you get WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Depression,misery ,helplessness. This film is like a kid version of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST ( JACK NICOLSON 1970'S) Max story is a great depiction of a kid trying to grow and cope with the loneliness and distance his family is starting to give him. We all have been there, until we learned that people have to do there own thing and that we are not the center of the universe.Preteens will understand this film but it is marketed at children and a lot of them might be horrified at this world and bored. I feel for a real child who is from a broken home or has suffered child abuse, and is taken to this film for it might depress them even more. There are a few scenes in the film that try to be fun and let every one knows that the kid in all of us is present but for me it didn't work. The WILD THINGS ARE tormented souls who need to be in therapy . If you want your kids to have a good MAN IN SUIT or puppet adventure find a remastered copy of the DARK CRYSTAL.

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