Time to Own Black Sci-fi

Here is a link to an AdWeek story talking about the video service company, VXH, which allows website owners to offer subscriptions from their websites, and pay-per-view events. Black & Sexy.tv has been broadcasting original programming for a minute now, building from self-financed YouTube to Crowdfunding to PPV to VXH.

BSFS can follow the same model of development but we have got to bite the bullet and think like Producers.

http://goo.gl/2BGJoj : from Creators of B&STV:

“Our audience has been very vocal about wanting to pay for content and see our network grow,’ Numa Perrier, one of the founders of Black&SexyTV tells LostRemote. “This didn’t happen over night though. We took our time getting into this by establishing trust and consistency with our programming and community building along the way. There was a natural and steady progression from largely self funding, to crowd funding, to single Pay-Per-View events on VHX for our series Season Finales, to now merging into monthly subscriptions.”

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