Total Recall... Bottled Martian Water!

During my intergalactic seizure of multiple worlds I managed to secure some beachfront property on Mars which has recently paid off...

With my state of the art water bottling refineries I will be selling this imported liquid at a reasonable price for any thirsty space travelers going to remote places like Tatooine where a lack of proper hydration is epidemic!

I will of course be offering special discount to seniors, military veterans and bounty hunters like those guys that keep chasing Riddick only to get punked time and time again because they failed to hydrate their rapidly perspiring bodies adequately during the hunt!

I also envision expanding this aquatic opportunity into other products like bubbly champagne, Martian flavored Kool aid and sweat replacement sports drinks...

So... If you find yourself floating out in space bored as heck near some hot star or sun and require some refreshing replenishment we will also make deliveries to random space stations as well as quick flying fighter ships who's on the go lifestyle doesn't have time to stop and take a sip between blowing stuff up!

Coming soon... Since meteorites and many other celestial objects also have water we will be setting up water stops throughout the universe with all that plentiful hydrogen just waiting to be used and whatnot I mean why stop at Mars when places like Venus and Neptune just beg to be plundered! 

For employment opportunities please send resumes to Martian H2O Industries... Must be experienced in astrophysics, unlawful land seizures like the movie Avatar and the popular swimming game of Marco Polo!

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