Here goes,

Anyone that knows me know that I am an overachiever and highly independent. I hate to ask anyone for help. But, I will on this issue. I love Black Science Fiction Society and the great things that have come out of it. Meeting great people and creating things I only dreamed of before beginning this journey.


Anyone that knows me also knows that I am a very giving person and I always look for the good in people and try to help others reach their potential be being an encourager rather than a dream killer.


I want to humbly ask for your suggestions and assistance in keeping Black Science Fiction Society going and growing so that the gains we have made together continue.

First, I want to propose a few things to improve our community, so that it continues to benefit all members.

Second, I want to ask for volunteers to help make these things happen.

Third, I want to ask for your suggestions to make things better.


We need you to keep this community growing and thriving.



We often talk of wanting more in terms of both quality and quantity for Black Science Fiction, well here is your chance. The time for sitting on the sidelines is over. Step up, opt in and play your part and BE the change you seek. We can do it when we work together. Here are some suggestions of just how you can do that.


BECOME A GREETER - Welcome new people when they join, it’s a great way to network.


BECOME A GROUP ADMIN - We have 50 plus groups that need active participants.


JOIN STREET TEAM - Post flyers and posters in your area that we provide.


SPREAD THE WORD - Invite your friend and family to the site and our social media platforms,  the more the merrier.


SUPPORT OUR EVENTS - Post scifi related events in our calendar for free.



GET ACTIVE ONLINE - Chat with fellow members, post & reply to groups, forums & blogs.

When people post stuff and don't get any feedback they lose interest.


BE POSITIVE - Provide positive feedback on forums, groups, blogs, videos and photos.


BUY BLACK - As your budget permits, buy our products and buy your fellow members comics, book, magazines, posters, etc.


CHAT MODERATORS - We need moderators and backups for chats like these. 

There are some other things but these are the things that don't cost a penny.



Volunteers get free stuff like shirts, books, magazines and posters

  • Another perk for volunteer in addition to free swag is free advertising. 

  • We have banner ads and e-blasts to sweeten the deal for participation.

  • Cross Promotional Opportunities

I want everyone to benefit that is part of what we are doing. That is essence is how community works. Our community stands as a testament to people of like mind working together.


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