I saw Tron Legacy after working my midnight shift, myabe I was tired But there was nothing Iconic about this film. This movie made me want to see the Tron 82 once agian. The visuals are great, the disc game was ok, the fighters tired to mix fung fu and MMA it was ok could have been better. The updated light cycle game I liked it. What ticked my off was the coolest tron vechile the tank was reduced to a cameo drive by shot. Tron 82 the light cycle was cool but the light tank is my S@##. I wanted to see a tank battle. To me the story tried to be the matrix meets star wars the force. In the hands of real screen writers this might have worked but in this film it felt like the writers got lazy and took clip notes from star wars. there is a fighter battle near the third act that felt like I was watching luke, hansolo and chewie fighting tie fighters in the Mfalcon. And to my 70's people when you see this film tell me,was that the MICRONAUTS GLIDER every one was using on their backs for the HALO jumps I am not hateing they looked cool. But some one was looking at their old school toy collection on the production for that one.

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