Vona Voices (Writing workshop for writers of color) has now opened their application acceptances today. Here is the link:


Junot Diaz and Tananarive Due are teaching sessions next summer along with some serious heavy hitters. It's a week long at UC Berkley. It costs money, but invest in yourself. If you are a serious writer, you must spend money on your craft. I am applying myself. My intent is to save money every month as if I am already accepted. would love to see a BSFS member do this!


Tweflth Planet Press is publishing a new YA speculative fiction anthology called "Kaleidoscope". Submission deadline is Dec. 31st. They are paying writers .05 a word. submission lengths are 2,500-10,000. It must feature a teen protagonist "who are characters of color, disabled, neurodiverse, mentally ill, QUILTBAG, people with non-western cultural backgrounds, or otherwise diverse (not the typical straight, white, cisgender, able-bodied, western characters)."  Read guidelines carefully.  get published, make the BSFS family proud!



The Carl Brandon Society has asked me to join their Steering Committee (I did), so I will be posting info about them a lot on here. Please check out the website. We are dedicated to getting diverse voices out in the world.


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