Upgraded Sci-fi Tech!

If you could take a sic-fi character(s) and upgrade them who or what would you do.


I'll go first...



I would give the Predator duel shoulder cannons on each side for when hunting aliens got a little bit too hectic or outnumbered from multiple angles. With twin targeting lasers it would give him twice the acid blood exploding capabilities and would look better in movies that are at this point failing miserably.


A ninja like jedi or sith that had lightsaber blocking gauntlets and boots. Also lightsaber knives for close quarter combat and a set of lightsaber nunckucks to get that bruce Lee effect during a fight. Of course lightsaber resistant gloves would be necessary to wield those glowing nun chucks.


I would give an uzi spell to Harry Potters wand that spit out magic like an automatic machine gun. I mean like what if you got choked up by spit during a spell casting fight or got tongue tied. It's nice to know that you would be handling Death Eaters all day with your wand set on rapid fire.



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