By Roderick Woodruff

Urban Video Game Academy (UVGA) is a six-year old project-based afterschool tech literacy and skills program design to promote STEM literacy and learning through the video game development process. UVGA and its board of advisors and program partners also help serve as a clearinghouse for the development of college and university scholarship 

opportunities through video game industry design competition events and their sponsor support. 

BLAXCOM Solutions, LLC manages and operates the UVGA as a for-profit program that provides an after-school technology solutions to the need for computer-based curriculums that utilizes the video game development 
process to engage and teach students for 21st century skills mastery. 

Mission and Objectives 
The mission of the Urban Video Game Academy (UVGA) is to better prepare students in disadvantaged areas for postsecondary education and technology careers by teaching them the fundamentals of video game design and 
development. Our mission has three basic components to: 

Expose disadvantaged students to career opportunities in video game design and development, 

Educate them in how and how not to create games, 

Enhance their learning in math, science, reading, and writing, which are all important features of the video game development process. 

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