Virtual Reality!

It looks like my idea from years ago to use virtual reality in sports is coming true...

In the first soon to be released chapter of Flex Hectic my character performs several events in a simulated virtual reality room... Ronald T. Jones my esteemed writer wrote this for me many years ago so he is my witness to my futurist type of forward thinking! Lol

My original intent once the technology caught up to my vision was to feature virtual workouts along with a virtual video game!

As a fan of Sport Science the ESPN show and Fight Science where they measure forces applied in athletic activities I wanted to add things to the Flex Hectic experience that enhanced the overall feel unlike anything else on the market!

As a fitness professional I recognize the torque generated from various lever arms during resisted joint motion activities and wanted to teach this using animated images and cgi!

Of course this required a whole lot of digital training on my part but we are just about there... I hope Lol!

Now that Facebook owns the Oculus Rift and other companies are directly competing with them one can expect the virtual industry to move beyond just video games and into other media!

Tiltbrush is a new software purchased by Google for virtual painting...

I expect other software companies to compete and make the choice selections much better for the consumers down the line!

If you match virtual reality with 3D scanners you may even be able to simulate your own home in 3D and add things not already there like expanded rooms or maybe a sports car of your fantasy in the driveway!

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