Hello everyone,

Are you interested in virtual worlds and online games? 
We are looking for volunteers to operate our Small Worlds virtual world. We presently have 4 spaces that are being under utilized. We want volunteers that are enthusiastic about taking control of the spaces and developing them into functional and entertaining meeting and game spaces.

More on Small Worlds:

“SmallWorlds is a new generation of virtual world that runs inside your web browser, without the need to download or install any other software. SmallWorlds combines media, web content, and casual games into a highly accessible & compelling 3D world that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the web, bringing Virtual Worlds into the mainstream.

SmallWorlds allows users to create and customize their own rooms and worlds, and fill them with a wide variety of items and activities for them and their friends to enjoy together. With their online friends and acquaintances, they can share experiences like playing games, watching YouTube videos, listening to their favorite bands, browsing through photo galleries, and so much more. SmallWorlds brings together the best aspects of online games, instant messaging, social networks and digital media, and wraps them into a persistent virtual world that is never more than a hyperlink away.”

Let me know if you have small worlds experience, although it is not required.

Thank you,

Jarvis Sheffield

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