I have just finished the manuscript and primary editing of my debut novella

LoA: Legends of Acirfa  

The book is about a magical journey throughout the mysterious lands of Acirfa, following a young voodoo priestess in training as she pilgrimages to save her people from a barbaric army sweeping across the lands. Along the way she is joined by a seemingly indestructible toddler, a shape-shifting trickster and an inventor who can't get her mind out of the gutter. 

I will keep everyone up to date on the process and will keep my websites updated with the most information.

I am requesting about 10 readers across all platforms so please respond quickly if you are interested

Professional editing and talks with prospective publishers is scheduled in July 2018. 

Thank you!

LOA.png.- Book Cover (TBD)

https://www.patreon.com/hbwritingco - Website 

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