What is your "Q"

For those that can not wait for the punchline I have included a great example of what "Q" is for the uninitiated at the bottom of this post.

As artist we often forget that we are stars in our own circle and limited places. Outside of that we are just folks in the mall or on the streets. From time to time we will get noticed for our work. Most often that occurrence happens at events that are associated with our work. This can be a blessing in disguise at this juncture of your artist involvement in the world. 

"Q" is what those in media relations A&R and marketing call that thing that you cant quite put your finger on. From time to time they will take a focus group and give them three test. Test 1 is simple they show you a photo and ask "do you recognize this person or can you tell me what they do for a living. Test 2 they tell you a persons name and ask how do you know of them 2 is also interchangeable with giving you three names and asking which one do you like better or best. Test 3 They show you two photos and give you a name and ask which person was just named. 

Oddly enough the test is not for the taker of the test but the subjects included in it that you are being asked to identify at some level. This is called a "Q" test. The higher the celebrity scores indicates how high their "Q" is at that given moment among an age group, sometime it makes or breaks what action they take next in their career. 

This photo of me was taken for a couple of sentimental reasons first and foremost is my children loved the move Max Keeble in which Mr Miller (pictured with a larger me) played the crotchety principal Jindrake. You know his face but do you know his first name without looking? 

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