One of the major things that determines the success of creators involves Marketing & Promotions.  Creators have no problem creating but that is just one piece of the puzzle for success. We want our members here at to be successful with their creative businesses. Here is something for you to ponder.



A man wakes up in the morning after sleeping on an advertised bed, in advertised pajamas. He will bathe in an advertised tub, wash with advertised soap, shave with an advertised shaver and have advertised juice, cereal and toasted bagel (toasted in an advertised toaster) for breakfast.

He'll then put on advertised clothing and glance at his advertised watch. He will ride to work in advertised car, call in to let his office know he's running late from his advertised cell phone, and sit down in an advertised desk chair when he gets to the office. He'll work at his advertised computer, and write with an advertised pen.

Yet this man hesitates to advertise (or market his business), saying that marketing and advertising don’t work. Finally, when his unadvertised business goes under, he will advertise it for sale. This is something we have to think about and act on for our creations to reach the hands of our audiences.

Our Advertising Option Here:


With this said, what steps are you taking to advertise your creations?


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