What would you REALLY do if you had superpowers?

Let's say you wake up tommorow and SOMEHOW you obtain some kickass power.

Like maybe some aliens give you a ring... or a suit with no intstructions... or you find some ancient artifact... maybe some latent genes get activated... or your mom was bitten by a vampire while pregenant with you... or you get hit by a rogue meteor...

WHATEVER the means... YOU have superpowers.

So... what would you do?

Start leaping buildings at night and waging a one person war on crime?

Walk into the nearest bank and withdraw you own personal "Reparations"?

Would you try to change the world?
or take it over?
or just help/hurt/avenge one person at a time?

Would you keep it a secret?
Never use your power or ONLY in an emergency?
Would you don a mask? Creat an ICON that you could hide behind while you do your thing?

Would you tell the world?
"Jamal Jenkins is on top son!"

Would you be afraid of what could happen if people knew?
Afraid for your freedom?
Afraid for your family?

What measures would you take?
What plans would you make?
Who would you, if you could, give powers to as well?


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