Who Broke Wind?

I knew all those farts were going somewhere... Lol

It's bad enough that science can't accept a Black Adam and a Black Eve that produced everybody else but every now and then they come up with more pseudo unobservable findings that put a smile on my face!


I don't know if this is another attempt to cover up the Biceps2 debacle...


But for arguments sake let's FRAK around with some of this in layman's terms shall we...

Assume that the solar system is covered by a gas bubble about 300 light years long... What mathematic equations are then effected by this new reality as in say expansion?

Does the bubble grow larger or smaller... Does it pop or breach the surface via asteroids at any point causing leaks... Does it increase in density and if so what extra material does it use to create new magic bubble material... Does universe expansion adjust for it or the other way around... Does this bubble move the 13.8 billion year goalposts to say 18.7 billion years or lower to say 8.3 billion years?

Do these bubbles collide with the unobservable Oort Cloud or are they in cahoots where icy meltable comets can pass through all that searing heat because they have a lifetime express pass?

Can we see outside of this bubble or does it give us that distorted warped look like those funny mirrors at carnivals?

Any bubbles lost inside of black holes or do they have a friendly working arrangement?

Does the vacuum of space have any effect on this bubble like a child blowing bubbles in the wind or do they stay right exactly there they are all the time?


I think many scientists be' sitting around making stuff up on the fly to add to their other theories not realizing that one theory could very well cast doubt on the other theory that they were so adamant about just yesterday!

What's funny is how so many of them like to accuse other people of being scientifically illiterate and yet not realizing that if you learned one theory that later gets debunked by another that makes you scientifically illiterate from what you didn't know the first time around!

Wait hold up... I just saw a plaid star form through a telescope I got out of a Cracker Jack box gimme my Nobel Peace Prize suckas! Lol


This thread is pure bait for Mister Ronald T. Jones... Don't be calling me about nothing sir just state the facts as best you can and defend this properly I'm turning my cell phone off right now! lol


The Cray Cray Creationist

P.S. I'm passing gas right now to help sustain this galactic bubble just doing my part for the universe so pass that big black pot of beans over here... Do belches count too?


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