Why I choose Mazda

Watch the videos before you continue to read - it is a little pop sciencey 



After many years of being a salesperson and selling most everything you own at least once except your house I feel that I am qualified to make certain statements from a position of authority. Although I am more than a career sales person this is the area we will be focusing in on for this post. Let's make it clear; I do not like HONDA auto products simply because they are not designed for the average African body type. Everyone I know that owns a Honda and has an extended commute complains about back issues. This has been design flaw across brand from 1971 until 2009 in models up to the Accord including the Pilot. In simple terms the seat design is cheap and uncomfortable. Most persons that purchase a Honda overlook that discomfort for other features (repair record and gas economy), even this are truncated issues that user over look but its distant competitor has always had the edge in more ways than one. 

Mazda has (even in its infancy) made a car that was comfortable to the African body frame (wide in the hips, deep seating surfaces, reasonable overhead) all of those features cover us. Mazda's main fall out was that they had a financial relationship with Ford in the USA and UK in return Mazda provided Ford with engine technology for its light trucks. The sole reason why the Ford Ranger has not had a distributor since 1990 nearly a decade ahead of other competitors. This gave Ford the edge in the market against GM's ECM/ECU  charging system that fails constantly in the S-10 Pickup and Blazers. If you have ever had one you know what I am talking about. Ford has sold billions of Ford Ranger/Explorers with Mazda technology and many are still on the road today.

When Mazda broke away from its financial arrangement with Ford Mazda instantly released 22 new patents for engine technology non of them were electric based, at the time the Toyota Prius was hitting the street. Mazda insiders knew that Mazda had something better in mind and safer. Although the videos discuss returning power to the wheels based upon fossil fuel output Mazda has also stated that they are looking to be free of needing to mine lead to produce electric storage for its non-fossil fuel powered cars in the future.

I believe that Mazda will put the first solar hydrogen hybrid on the street. My wish as well as my belief. Mazda has always made me go WOW at their designs interior and exterior now they are causing me to say WOW about how they use my gas. When you are considering your next used purchase or new consider this product and wonder why you had not looked at it before now.

If you purchase a used one it may have come fro Flat Rock Michigan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AutoAlliance_International#Products_made  Just so you know the 2010 -2013 M6 4cyl gets 30+ on the highway. The Mazda 3 is made in Bogata and gets 36 on the highway more space for 20% less fuel econ in the 6 and it was made in the US go forth and make good decisions about your driving. 

As a footnote the only more comfortable Japanese cars are Nissan and Lexus you pay a premium to drive both.


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