• I wish more writers and authors had the guts to do this too
  • I agree with you.
  • I have always felt this way too about violence in any form being okay from children's cartoons to nearly every form of media, but scenes still have to fade to black when sexual activity or anything alluding to it comes up. In my upcoming novel, sex is not the main focus of the story, but when it does come up, I don't hold back with showing what I want the readers to be aware of in the context of the narrative. I wish more writers and authors had the guts to do this too. I want to tell them, "relax, it's just sex."
    • I'm no brain scientist but I've always figured sex and violence trigger different parts of the brain. So it's hard to say "well if one is accepted then why not the other?" It can't be that simple.
      • I appreciate the insight but that wasn't the question.
    • Glad to hear. I feel like violence is more so detrimental.
  • We seem to go through periods where sex in the culture of books, movies, etc. is more acceptable. The 60s are an example. Then we close up and get all puritanical again,(seemingly following politics). Sex, diversity, 'magic' exploration, all seem to happen in the same periods. Violence, however, seems to remain a constant. We can't seem to envision society without some kind of violence, whether revenge, depravity, or just acting out. You might ask why 'the heroes' journey' is allowed violence and very little sex.
    • Very strange right?
  • I agree with @Dejablue on this. The American culture really sees sex as something that is horridly taboo, something that shouldn't be seen or talked about. Hence why parents are still afraid to have "the talk" with their kids and so forth, where some don't even want to warn their children about molestation. It's really weird in that aspect but, its most definitely the Puritan mentality of the country. Most other countries though, don't have an issue putting sexual situations in their comics! the Japanese surely don't have an issue putting it in their manga. Your question reminds me of the interview I saw from Dwayne McDuffie where he was talking about DC tripping out because there was a condom on the table of one of the Static covers, in a book where Static and his girlfriend were going to have sex. This is the same company that had a comic where a villain chopped up a hero's girlfriend and put her in the refrigerator for him to find.
    • Strange isn't it?
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