Worlding 808: Game Design, Fantasy & SF Writing for Worlds in Which Many Worlds Fit
July 15 – September 20, 2019 — 100% Online Course — Asynchronous
Instructor: Cody Lestelle @M4dpr0f on Twitch & Twitter
a.k.a. Jeruviel Stardust & the Mad Professor
Instructor contact: agilexps@gmail.com or +1 (707) 684-2723
Course description: Worlding 808 teaches advanced storytelling methods for effective creation of, & engagement with, imaginary worlds to affect the real world(s) around us. This course will be of particular interest to aspiring or established writers interested in collaborative & playful writing technologies, teachers looking to expand their toolsets to include augmented reality & virtual worlds as writing technology, & game designers interested in the arts & sciences of world creation. Course begins with adapted analog world creation games & relevant educational & theoretical works & progresses to teach augmented reality & virtual worlds. Join from anywhere on Earth or beyond, signup at agilexps.com/signup.
Course expectations: This course is offered by the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences (agilexps.com) for purposes of personal & professional improvement of individuals & the craft in a general sense. Participants are not graded but are expected to invest a minimum of five hours per week to engaging the course materials and contributing to the forum. Additionally, all communications should be in a mode of mutual support, openness to learning, generous critique, & self-improvement.
Course as a game: In lieu of grades and credits toward a degree as with a conventional university, this course is structured as a game that offers one or more Open Badges as a reward or credential upon completion. Everyone begins with 0 points and gains 1 point per original forum post or reply. An additional 10 points are granted for final projects. A minimum of 50 points are required to gain the AGILE Worlding Badge from this course. Additional badges may be created & attained by arrangement.

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