Hi, folks,

I'm currently developing a science fiction series for broadcast and am in need of writers to participate at a table of between 3-7 writers that will work from a story outline to create a multipart broadcast series.

There is an immediate opportunity to raise a significant amount of money for further development of the series. I intend to produce a scene/episode as part of the application process which is first quarter 2015.

I am a long time professional in the film and television business, having produced, distributed, marketed and sold audio-visual products over the last 20+ years. I have superior production capacity, and ability to monetize the work that will be done over the next few weeks.

Reach out to me at marlinesq@gmail.com.


Marlin L. Adams, founding member of KJM3 Entertainment Group, a film distribution company disseminating "Images and Stories from The African Diaspora"

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