It has come to my attention that some writers like, prefer even need writing prompts to get them going.  I have included what I think are some fair to decent items to get you going.  If this works for you great.  If you have one or two of your own please feel free to include them for the use of our members here at BSFS if you have a whole list or a themed list consider placing your own  post but feel free to like to and with this post - thank you in advance for your interest and comments. -- This will come in handy for betting, sports, or even a sci-fi story about the criminal element. 

The death of love and the birth of hate - both occurrences without malice or ill intent

(A) God as a child and what that parenting would have looked or does look like depending upon where your story starts  

The IRS - if there were in charge of morality and made the rules for what was moral

If China had repelled Japan on July 7, 1937 (there are several prompt or themes from this catalyst consider them variations of the same prompt)

China upon learning of the November 1936 between Japan and Germany agreeing to press a two front threat on Soviet positions (realizing that the path of least resistance is through both Mongolia and the heart of China) China aligns itself with India to protect their interest by using merchant marine and naval forces to blockade Japan - this turning the tide of the war in the pacific -- There are hundreds of stories here people (big and small)

November 1937 China - The prayers of a Chinese child are answered by a Black farmer (from the future[2036] ) I would even venture to give you this title "The Fighting Ebon Man of Nanking" 南京的黑衣男子 or 打击黑文从南京 - Averting the December 13, 1937 Nanking Massacre

African American Culture is the dominant culture in America in the year 2162 but African Americans still composes only 20% of all Americans (even with children of mixed race) African American is more cultural than racial in this prompt. 

Mother's are responsible for the indiscretions of their criminal daughters as women are the chief committers of crime - Have fun with this one --

Gender is assigned in utero as demanded by the government - no more natural selection - until (blank is born) naturally after being re-assigned prior to the 20th week of gestation - in this story LGBT identification is common place in society due to government re-assignment - it mostly occurs as a form of civil revolt or disobedience

You alone know the past and it unlocks the future - Everyone in this story has not been born yet but is waiting to be so --- this can be light, funny, (see Woody Allen on how to make this funny)  or worse it could be dark dank and nasty (who would you kill to be born?)  

I hope this fuels some part of your imagination and gets you to the point where you are writing something ---   

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