You have talent? I have money.

Hey folks, not sure if you saw this on the job Posting section so I'm putting it on the forum.DIEHARD Studio is hiring 3D character riggers, texture artists, modelers and animators.Studio CEO Dwayne Ferguson is the creator of the comic book series Hamster Vice, Captain Africa, children's book novel series Kid Caramel: Private Investigator, and art director of the TV animated series Mutant League.We are currently in production on several projects and are hiring freelancers.Applicants must be proficient in Maya or Lightwave software, and have an online portfolio of their work, specifying whether the finished work is their own or if they worked on the project in collaboration with others. We hire freelancers and pay by the project and will discuss details with qualified applicants.Please submit a link to your online 3D portfolio to hunter@diehardstudio.comYou can see samples of what we do by visiting the following sites:www.diehardstudio.comwww.kidcaramel.com

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