I'm So Torn

Having worked in the mainstream and without, I am always torn as to what to do with my talents and abilities. There is always this tug of war between doing what you want to do and surviving. Many things that I encountered during my time in mainstream land were quite disgusting and a lot of it turned me off.So I have ideas. So what? Who are they really for? Who is really going to watch them, benefit from them? I have this vision, one that is not so hard to imagine. For those who know the pinnacle anime film, Akira, picture a black science fiction animation on that level, done so well. What would that mean?Very little stands in the way of me making such a film, just time really... I am technically able. So why am I not making it? I have come to the conclusion that the only way this film will be made is when I am truly ready to make it and release it for free. I believe that when I am able to expect nothing from it, I will get the most out of doing it.When I was a child, I used to just create, and nothing else mattered. I want that back again.

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