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Hello!We have a few announcements at the Books of Soul website (, and a surprise on the bestseller list.We are featuring an entertaining mix of five author interviews (* Bestselling author Cheryl Robinson and her latest novel, In Love with A Younger Man.* Paulette Harper and her debut inspirational book That Was Then, This Is Now, This Broken Vessel Restored.* Joyce Burnett, writer of Adam’s Belle: A Memoir of Love Without Bounds, the autobiography of the late Isabel Washington Powell, dancer and former wife of Adam Clayton Powell.* Charlise Lyles releasing the second edition of her memoir, Do I Dare Disturb the Universe? From the Projects to Prep School.* Bestselling and multi-award winning author Laura Parker Castoro and her current release, Love on the Line.Two bestselling authors, two new authors, and one offering a new insight on her memoir share their experiences and hopefully exciting your interest in their new books.Our bestseller list of March African American books from is also featured: still seems to have broken away from last year: Books by and about the Obamas are not appearing in our top 20. Maybe the public's curiosity about our First Family has moved on? But, the bestseller list of children's books continues to have the Obamas represented: what may be a surprise to many that have purchased his book, Steve Harvey's Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man ( is NOT on the list. After all, it has been steadily represented on's Bestseller List. Before everyone starts to call his radio show and blaming us.... On second thought, Books of Soul could use the publicity!Most self-help and relationship books, like Steve Harvey's or Lisa Nichols' No Matter What ( do not key in on the author's ethnicity or represent the author's ethnicity in the book description. For you science fiction writers, we probably expect the same thing.Of course, we may miss representing an author or a book accurately. That's why we would appreciate hearing from you. And, with the book festival season kicking off (See our calendar of events under Events in the sidebar for our list!), let us know if a new book or author has captured your interest.Please pass this email on to your friends, agents, and book clubs!Look for the Books of Soul group on Facebook, too, for highlights of what will be appearing on the site.And, if you haven't joined, please register at you for your interest!Ericeric@booksofsoul.comBooks of Soul - http://www.booksofsoul.comNew releases of African American books and authors

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