Can the Shareware Model Work For Us?

I'm sitting here working on a book (not fiction, but about indie animation) and I came across a story I had written some years ago about a guy who spent six months creating simple, yet innovative and original puzzle game and released it on his site as shareware, meaning free to download and play, and probably nagging the user to make a donation. He made hundreds of thousands of dollars from that project.We all know, or at least heard of, Id Software, the makers of Doom and Quake video games. They started with shareware. The first Doom game was released on their site as shareware and quickly rose to 800,000 downloads. You can imagine that if even ten percent of those people paid, they made millions.Could this type of model work for black science fiction writers and multimedia artists? Could we create something, whether electronic book, video, game or what have you, and follow the shareware model to attract viewers and gain their support of our work?What do you think?

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