Hello!Our bestseller list is a little different this month - See http://booksofsoul.com.As always, we have our monthly bestseller list for April. This month's list is headlined by the new novel, Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead. In addition, links to Amazon.com are provided for each book on the list.As a new feature for the lists, we are highlighting the top-selling romance and mystery novels for the year. James Patterson's Alex Cross character leads the pack of mysteries with two books, Alex Cross's Trial and I, Alex Cross. Brenda Jackson shows even more dominance in the romance genre with her novels in the top three slots. Both lists reflect some author favorites, like Eric Jerome Dickey and Carl Weber.Please pass this announcement on to your friends, authors, and book clubs. Of course, your feedback would be greatly appreciated, too.Look for the Books of Soul group on Facebook, too, for highlights of what will be appearing on the site.And, if you haven't joined, please register at http://booksofsoul.com/Thank you for your interest!

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