The Adekgobi Expedition to Ancient Earth

" Your quiet is telling me you don't see this as a good idea."   Maxton Harris looked up at his older brother laying the final sheeting to his roof.   Not until he physically climbed down the old style ladder did Dalson Harris turn to face his younger sibling. Not bald, and not grey, he still looked a lot like their father Doctor Harris of the Academy.  Except Dalson could demolish his newly finished cabin in three minutes!  "No I don't! Gotdamnit! If Philipa and that crowd of nutcases wanna go an a 'historic journey' back to where it all began fine! Let 'em!"  

 He stomped past Maxton and kicked an unoffending stone down the gravel road. Maxton, inwardly grinning, thought it was a good thing no one was within the target area else it had been declared a warning shot.   Dalson reached into the cooler and pulled out his homebrewed ale.  Then he leaned against the vehicle he and Maxton had built as kids and still used.  

 " What the hell you expect to find back there? Daddy filled a museum with relics!"   Maxton walked over to the cooler and pulled out an ale.  More kick than the commercial brands, Maxton thought. " It's the home world-"  "This is the homeworld!" Dalson snarled, stabbing his left forefinger violently to the ground at their feet.  His sudden movement caused his bottle to froth over. He turned it up and drained it in a gulp. 

 " Our forebears shaped this place, Maxton! We don't have to walk around outside in environmental suits with helmets on and air tanks on our backs.   This is our world!"   "All that spacing you did earlier, is out your system now. So you wish to to be tied down! Well I wanna see - hear me out gotdamnit!  Dalson had stomped off to the front porch.   " Daddy and Momma wanted you to be an archaeologist, you chose the Spacer Way! Alright! I wish to join Dr. Adekgobi's  expedition as a crewman.  Or you think I'll be too low in caste to be noticed by your ex wife?"  " You really asking for a beat down aren't,you Max?"   

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