Treaty Broken

  Lights inside the Grand Council chamber were dimmed to near off as the delegates murmered among themselves over the diturbing news that was set before them.No one could believe it. It was almost inconcievable. Why ,after all these years, was Kush calling for support  from Planetary council to aid them in a war effort against, of all people, Egypt?

  Up until this meeting there hadn't been so much as a heated debate between either party in over fifty years & now there looms the possibility of another interplanetary war between the same two enemies that nearly tore the system apart the last time they waged war upon each other & to make matters worse, this wasn't some minor dispute over no flight-no freight zones, this time an official delegate of Kush High Council was murdered.

 Bekele Labaan, the representative of the Somoli Land High council, spoke first. "Brothers & Sisters of the council, I say to you that this cannot be allowed to happen again," He paused looking around the vast chamber for signs of agreement," Do you seriously wish to invest your resources & lands to this effort knowing what the possible outcome will be?"

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