The Untold Anunnaki Story Of The Garden Of Eden

The First Annunaki Landing & Establishment Of E.DIN Base Station

Around 445,000 BC the first expedition of around 50 Anunnaki Astronauts landed on the shores of Mesopotamia. Within six days of their landing, the settlement of Eridu (i.e. Home In The Faraway, or Earth Station 1), in the region they named the Edin, was established by Anunnaki Astronaut God-Prince Enki, leader of the expedition. The Atmosphere of their Home Planet Nibiru had deteriorated, and Anunnaki research had established that gold was the element that could be used to effectively repair it. The Anunnaki had already surveyed large regions of the Solar system, and knew that on Planet Earth (Ki) sufficient quantities could be found.
Initially the plan was to extract the gold from the Ocean waters surrounding the Edin, and the Hebrew tradition of the Six days of creation may have been derived from the earlier recorded Sumerian account of the landing of the Anunnaki and their establishment of Eridu in six days.

Enki proclaimed that the seventh day would be a day of rest.

The Sumerian word, E.DIN, translates as Home of the Righteous Ones. It was in the E.DIN that the city, E.RI.DU, was established. The place where the E.DIN was established was in the lands drained by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and what came to be known as Mesopotamia. The twin peaks of the mountain called Arrata / Ararat were used as landing guide points for the Anunnaki spacecraft.

The gold-mining operation was eventually moved to Africa where greater quantities could be found. Enki led the African operations, and his Half-Brother Enlil was subsequently dispatched from Nibiru, and given control of the E.DIN space station by the Anunnaki Home leadership.
Anunnaki arrives @ Edin
Anunnaki Orbiter Approaching E.DIN Base Station For Landing

The Igigi Rebellion & Creation Of The Adam (Man)

In order to assist with the gold-mining project, the Anunnaki were initially served by the Igigi until they revolted, forcing the Anunnaki to find an alternative labour source. The Igigi were not slaves; they were held in high regard, and they were created only to relieve the Anunnaki Gods of their labour.

The Igigi remained in constant Earth orbit, acting as intermediaries between Earth and Nibiru. They stayed in Earth’s skies on orbiting platforms, to which the processed gold ores were delivered from Earth by shuttlecraft, thereafter to be transferred to spaceships, which would ferry the gold to Nibiru.

After centuries of hard labour, the Igigi tired of their unpleasant mining work rebelled against the Annunaki. They set fire to their tools and surrounded Enlil’s great house by night and forced the Nibiruan leaders (the “triad” of Gods) to find a new source of labour.

Igigi Rebellion

Igigi Rebellion: Sumerian Relief

After a lengthy and contentious debate in the Council Of The Gods, it was eventually decided following a suggestion by Enki, that the Igigi be replaced by the creation of a ‘Primitive Worker’ obtained by splicing Anunnaki DNA with the DNA of the most advanced primate on Planet Earth at that time, probably Homo Habilis, approximately 440,000 years ago.

Anunnanki Hominids

Anunnaki Capturing Homo Habilis For DNA Experiments

The project was headed by Enki and Ninhursag, who was in charge of the Medical Laboratory. Experiments resulted in several unsuccessful, deformed Prototypes until finally a suitable prototype which Ninhursag called the ‘Adama’ was born in the Lab using surrogate Anunnaki Wombs.

My Hands

The Adama Is Created By Ninhursag: ‘My hands have made it’: Sumerian Relief

The Adama was a sterile hybrid however, and more could only be born using surrogate Anunnaki Females.

Eventually, the other Anunnaki stationed across the different Base stations started demanding Adama prototypes of their own to assist with their tasks. Enki struggled to supply this demand for ‘Primitive Workers’, and eventually Enlil took some by force, placing them in the Garden of the Base Station E.DIN to look after it.

According to Zechariah Sitchin, this is what is meant in Genesis when it reads: “And the Lord took Adam, and He placed him in the Garden in Eden, to till it and tend it”.

Despite the fact that the Anunnaki demand for the Adama Primitive Worker was high and could not be filled, Enlil prohibited Enki from conducting any more Genetic experiments that would enable the Adama to reproduce outside the controlled environment of the Anunnaki Genetic Labs…Enki pretended to agree but he secretly carried on with his DNA Experiments.

The Tree Of Knowledge & The Tree Of Life

While studying the Humans he had created, EN.KI noticed two human women bathing in a river in the E.DIN, EN.KI had his way with both of them. In time they gave birth to a child each, one male and one female.

EN.KI’s children who were half brother and sister, EN.KI named them ADAPA and TI.TI, who would later be known as Eve. The unique thing about ADAPA / ADAM and TI.TI / EVE was that they, despite being cross-bred of EN.KI and human, they were capable of reproducing on their own.

EN.KI takes his children to the garden facility in E.DIN to be educated and clothed like the Anunnaki. Enki’s children were highly intelligent, and represented the best results achieved by the Anunnaki Genetics project.

Nevertheless, there was one problem that Enki could not solve…i.e. Despite being able to procreate, he could not achieve a long life-span for the Adama and thereby enabling the Adama to live for as long as the Anunnaki themselves i.e. the Adama could not have the ‘Immortality’ or Longevity enjoyed by the Gods.

Expulsion Of The Adama From E.DIN

In Sumerian Iconography, Enki is represented by the symbol of the Serpent, and the original Sumerian story of Adam and Eve appears to be the story of Enki’s children ADAPA and TITI being brought into self-realisation of their intelligence and ability to reproduce by their Father, Enki (the Serpent) i.e. ‘Eating from the Tree Of Knowledge’.

Sumerian TabletAdam&Eve

Enki (Serpent), Adam & Eve Eating From The Tree Of Knowledge: Sumerian Tablet

Before Enki found a way to give them a lifespan as long as that of the Anunnaki themselves i.e. eating from the ‘Tree Of Life’ , they were cast out of E.DIN Base Station by Enlil because he was against allowing the Adama to procreate as he felt that their numbers should always be kept in control to prevent overpopulation.

The difference of opinion between Enki and Enlil over the role of the Primitive Worker in the Anunnaki Project eventually ignited a Factional Anunnaki Civil War which continues to this day, and can be seen in the Biblical story of “Noah’s Flood’ which we will look at in the next Chronicles entry.


The story of Adam and Eve as told in Genesis does not seem to be about a literal conversation conducted by a man, woman and a ‘talking Snake’…At its core lie traces of the hidden Anunnaki presence.

In Genesis lie the fragments of a longer story with roots in Ancient Sumeria revealing to us why Human beings do not have eternal life, and how we came into the Knowledge and Experience of Self-Consciousness as well as the ability to reproduce.

It is our acquisition of the ability to reproduce through the unauthorised efforts of an Anunnaki Scientist-God that threatened to upset the delicate stability of the Anunnaki Earth Gold-Mining project according to Enlil.

For this reason, Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden (E.DIN Base Station) by Enlil to fend for themselves outside the protection and safety of the Anunnaki Base Stations they had worked, and which also looked after them including providing food, shelter and medical care so they could continue to assist the Anunnaki in their role as replacements for the Igigi.

As outcasts, ADAPA and TITI had to learn for the first time to fend for themselves and their off-spring without Anunnaki help…This is what is usually described as the “wages of original sin” as mankind is supposed to have received judgment and banished from Paradise as an explanation of the human condition.

In the Sumerian records as well as Genesis, ADAPA and TITI leave the Garden with ‘Knowing’, but Longevity remains with the Gods, who restricted Mankind’s access to the Tree of Life (Longevity) by preventing any further Genetic experiments that would eventually extend the life-span of the Gods to Mankind:

‘So He drove out Adam…And he placed at the East Of The Garden Of Eden the Cherubim, and the Flaming Sword which revolveth to guard the was to the Tree Of Life’

For more on this summary of the revelations made in the Sumerian Records concerning events in Garden Of The Garden and life before the Great Deluge or ‘Noah’s Flood’, the ‘Finding The Garden Of Eden’  documentary below together with the links at the end will definitely help to address a lot of questions.

Zechariah Sitchin’s works can be accessed via our Timbuku Portal.

Finding The Garden Of Eden


Links & Credits

Zechariah Sitchin: Earth Chronicles: The Stairway To Heaven: Book 2

Zechariah Sitchin: Lost Book Of Enki

Igigi Rebellion:

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