2017 Dates & Locations

Some of the events attended in the past that have proven themselves to be effective distribution points for our work such as these are the primary events:


  1. African Street Festival – Nashville, TN
  2. Afrofuturistic Affair – Philadelphia, PA
  3. Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo – Atlanta, GA ONYXCON & ONYXCON SANKOFA -Atlanta, GA
  4. Harlem Book Fair – Harlem, NY
  5. Motor City Black Age of Comics (MCBA) - Detroit, MI
  6. East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) - Philadelphia, PA
  7. ICCON 3 - ICC Independent Creators Connection, Cocoa Beach , FL
  8. Underground Comic Con 5, Wilmington, DE
  9. WinC Con 2017


These are just a sample of the possibilities and mainstream events are possibilities that could be added.


If you are interested, email the admin at events@blacksciencefictionsociety.com

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