Black Folk? On TV? F**K Outta Here!

That's right! Black people all over the world can watch themselves on internet tv. Some of the funniest, empowering, and insightful programming the world has ever seen is here, at WNWP-TV Internet Television. 

Regular black people like yourself make their own TV shows for people to watch. Join us as we celebrate the best our race has to offer with media that is pertinent to our personal growth! 

Did I mention that IT'S FREE to register and watch all of our programs?


My name is Baba Djedi and I am the owner/ operator of WNWP-TV. We are always looking for new and exciting programs to feature on Channel WNWP-TV Internet Television. If you or someone you know wants to have their webisodes seen on THE premiere website for black owned and operated media, please give us a call @ 1-267-251-4656 or email at




~Baba Djedi

WNWP-TV Internet Television 


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