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ONLI STUDIOS LLC was founded in 1981 by Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T. to address unmet needs and desires in young and old readers. 

10944441076?profile=RESIZE_710xBeing a clinical Art Therapist at that time, Onli understood that a positive fantasy life leads to a positive reality.



Avid and reluctant readers are attracted to Graphic Novels.

Bulk orders of 20 or more are given a discount plus the usual free packinging, shipping, and over-sized Trading Cards. ONLI STUDIOS LLC is even open to editorial input from your Curriculum Coordinators for larger orders to better craft the type of content that best meets the needs and values of your school or community center. 

10944440294?profile=RESIZE_710xWe are so you!

Prof. Onli is a retired Chicago Public Schools Arts Educator & Varsity Coach.

10944444255?profile=RESIZE_710xHe is currently a professor of Art Appreciaiton, and Studio Drawing at the downtown Chicago, Harold Washington College.


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