Anyone Here in the DMV Attend Capcon or Balticon?

We are off to Arisia in Boston this weekend. We like that con because its very writer/reader friendly and not just about the costumes. Lots of 'zines, small press and the like. This was where we first attended the Carl Brandon Society awards and met some great multicultural writers. 


We intend to make it to OnyxCon this year, but think we might take a break on DragonCon - it's just doesn't have the 'reader' traffic that authors need. They are tucked in the back of the hotel where no one visits. The only way we might make it back for even a day of this con is if we have other events lined up or we want to check out the Decatur book fair. 

I'm definitely going to WisCon this year. Last year Nisi Shawl was the guest of honor and this year it will be Andrea Hairston. Once again while it has a lot of other activities, its extremely writer friendly.  


Considering all of this traveling - we've never made it to the local cons in the greater DC area. Has anyone in the group ever checked them out? 

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