Afrikan Steampunk In Purple Mag.

There's some Afrikan steampunk lit in this month's issue of Purple Mag (based on the Spring/Summer novella release *'Copper Angels'), and some Black Steampunk ladies. Still looking for the images of the brothahs. Believe I'll publish when I receive some good ones.A gratis download is attached (70 MB). You can check for past and future issues *_^Spoke with the new printer this morning, the print issue should be available soon.Send your Pg-15 Steampunk and ModernMyth in general for consideration to (Issue 9 deadline 12/15)*Copper Angels has released in bits and pieces. First as flash-novelettes in Greenbone (The Books of Zambarau Omnibus V3 and Purple Mag issue 7-Spring 09) and later in a Novella in The Books of Zambarau V5 - Summer 09)More of the novelettes appear in Wonderdark (ARV release Winter 09).

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