Group Steampunk: Did you check the engine room?

image: wired.comLovely Ladies and Kind Sirs,I invite you to join in on a group story in the tradition of the RPG forums of old. You are welcome to add onto the story so long as you're careful to avoid adjusting the characters invented by another writer. You can include rumours involving participating characters, but not action sequences. Action sequences are exclusive to the character inventors.The tale we weave here will be a multiple person account of the disappearances of several Skyship Captains in the Motherland Diaspora. Rumours have it Aethernauts are frightened to take wing. What have you heard or witnessed in your section of the Motherland Steam Diaspora? You can write your account in first-person, as a letter, in a news editorial, third-person account, or etc. Experimentation is prized. Satire is welcome.Let's have a blast long into the night with our shiny quills, and crank out Afrikan/POC steampunk to the cheers of diverse Steampunk lovers.Appreciatively, in the spirit of mirth-Lady PurpleZoe of the Magazine that is, Purple.P.S. This may be published in Purple Mag at some point for those interested in having their installments printed. We'll contact everyone individually for permissions if we move forward with publishing some of the pieces *_^P.S.SIt's best to use parentheses for Non-story communication in the comments in the 'reply to this' sections, if you want to comment on an installment.e.g. (When are you adding another installment? *_^)

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