Madalynn Alexander Books: Call for Submissions

Madalynn Alexander, LLC is looking for your short stories.

We are looking for your tales of speculative fiction.

How do I submit my work to Madalynn Alexander, LLC?
We have an open submissions policy and encourage submission from all writers. Every submission that reaches us is reviewed by at least two members of the editorial staff. We respond to queries primarily with form letters, in order to handle responses in a timely manner.

Please read this in its entirety before submitting. Following these guidelines will make certain your work receives a fair examination by the Madalynn Alexander review staff.

Your submissions should include:

  1. Story should be no longer than 20,000 words
  2. Synopsis of the entire story. The synopsis should include all important plot elements, such as the end of the story, aspects of character development for the main characters, and should run between three and ten pages.
  3. A cover letter that includes your name and contact information and the title of the submitted work. Explain the genre or subgenre the submission falls into and mention the qualifications you have that are relevant to the work. Please list any previous publications in paying markets.
  4. Please send only one proposal in each submission. If the submission belongs in a series, please send a proposal for the first book only.

Send submissions to:

Address submissions as follows:

  • Romance
  • Science fiction and Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Mysteries and Thrillers
  • General Fiction

Generally we respond to unsolicited submissions within 4-6 months. Unfortunately, your manuscripts and our replies sometimes go astray in transit. Because of the volume of submissions, it's not possible for us to track down any individual project; please don't call for a status report. If you have not heard back from us after six months, please resubmit.

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