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I'm not sure if Dexter's book has POC characters, online drawings have shown Euro characters (maybe multi-cultural?), but the author is definitely a brother <3

The excerpt reads:

In a steampunky alternate reality, genius inventor Prospero Taligent promises the 100 kids he's invited to his daughter Miranda's birthday party that they will have their “heart's desires fulfilled.� When
young Harold Winslow says he wants to be a storyteller, he sets in
motion an astonishing plot that will eventually find him imprisoned
aboard a giant zeppelin, the Chrysalis, powered by Taligent's
greatest invention, a (probably faulty) perpetual motion machine. As
Harold tells his story from his airborne prison, a fantastic and
fantastical account unfolds: cities full of Taligent's mechanical men,
a virtual island where Harold and Miranda play as children, the
Kafkaesque goings-on in the boiler rooms and galleries of Taligent's

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The reviewer who announced it, is reading it now. She didn't see any character descrptions in the first few pages but I'll be checking back with her to get a general feel, so I can report back *_^

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