• NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides was conceived while Onli was working in Paris which is why he uses the French spelling "Pyramides". The Nubian of Greatness is the protector of Planet NUBA.  First it ran as a strip in the Chicago Defender Newspaper then in 1981 it was published as a Graphix opening the dorr to the indie Black Age of Comics movement.  Onli coined th term "Rhythmistic" in the 1970s to address the future-primitif nature of his creative practice long before the arrival of the term "Afrofuture.  He remains one of the most talented, accomplished and prolific artists in this industry.

    ONLI STUDIOS is currently completing the stroy arch for NOG and plans to publish it this yer as a completed mini-series.  1738719482?profile=RESIZE_930xFans, curators and collectors can purshase both NOG stories in the anthology, "Tales From The Rhythmic Zone". At

    ONLI STUDIOS is an innovative leader in the expansion of independent Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Games. Movies., Diverse Content, & Fine Art.
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