6078406076?profile=RESIZE_710xWhen fascism, martial law and corrupt police threaten their home after AI destroys all post Iron age military technology, these ex-hoodlums defend, and rebuild their community in this dystopian sci-fi fantasy epic: The Road of Resistance:First Book of the Vanguard!


Chessed was just trying to live his life, navigating work, fatherhood, and bills; opting to be a man for his family, rather than being "the man" in the streets. He thought gangs, armed robbery, and senseless bloodshed were behind him. All that changed when his neighborhood becomes a playground for fascist police, and hate groups as the global elite align themselves for a new world order. Now the college educated, former hoodlum must raise the sword he never thought he would use if he and his community are going to survive, giving a whole new meaning to dying for their hood!

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