Deeann Dova Mathews posted a status
Aug 6
Good afternoon – just introducing myself! A friend told me about Mr. Stafford Battle, Afrofuturism, and the Black Science Fiction Society after reviewing my latest completed manuscript and the series of manuscripts behind it. That's how I came here!

I have developed a science fiction series around a master scientist, his heirs, and his protege who becomes dictator, dictator of a solar system of 20 worlds revolving around a yellow star so big and so powerful that all its people are Black – the Black of Ostha, or, the Osthavir.

I'd love to meet or receive a recommmendation for a cover designer who can draw all the beauty of the Black body, in its absolute largest and loveliest – owing to the realities of Osthavirian life, they on earth would be near-giants – and thus give a sense of a futuristic Black civilization that is beautiful, powerful, and able to deal with its challenges in a powerful and effective way.

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